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Our Projects

Automotive sector

Differential mechanism controlled engagement and disengagement


Differential mechanism controlled engagement and disengagement is an original invention company Kreon Technology used in the automotive industry . The invention of the differential controlled engagement and disengagement has taken the second place in the European competition inventions . There have been successful tests in racing cars and the results were impressive . High precision components and quality . In the automotive market there is something similar . Kreontech is a pioneer in this project.


Camshafts import, export and oil


Ship engines camshafts inlet and outlet oil destribution. The cams are a special manufacture of large dimensions, tolerances and hardness in excess of 60 HRC.


Train engine Impeller


Impeller and blisks for train engines . A construction of high-tech and precision.


And many more manufactures in the field of shipping, aerospace, confectionery industry.

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