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Kreon Technology is one of the leading work shops in Greek industry of metal processing . The work shop has a wide range of skills and offers processing services in CNC manufacturing applications (milling machines, lathes , machining centers and multi - axis HS Milling with design software CAD CAM). Since the establishment of the workshop till today  Kreon Technology has a desire for continuous improvement. That's why  KreonTech  is  able to provide engineering  products with top quality and guarantee even if the requirements are measured in the micron scale . Also there is No matter if the components are custom or mass production .

Quality control was  always and will gonna be an integral aspect of the company.
Whether for precision grinding, rapid prototyping, custom parts, mechanical manufactured parts and any other machining precision parts, Kreon Technology is composed of experienced engineers and engineers who  thoroughly check all the products manufactured and paying attention to every detail. All the  engineering parts  are manufactured  in the workshop from start to finish.

In every precision machining and in every engineering part the company guarantees the quality of its work. The work shop Kreon Technology, has invested time and resources not only to obtain high-end, Multi-Task, Multi-Axis machines CNC, and in situ verification of Metrology, which allows  to inspect all the products we manufacture accurately. Therefore  enables  to guarantee tight tolerances and dimensioning within specifications of the products.


ISO Certification

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When it comes to inspection machine or the results of our manufactures, nothing is more valuable than the ISO certification . Kreon Technology has received the ISO 9001 certification which renders  as a manufacturing company high precision, high technology, which has records of all the engineering products that has taken place in the company, having excellent quality control and constantly seeks to improve the company. Meaning improve both technologically and quality that we are never idle nor resting and all that render the company as pioneers.

The company serves clients in various industries such as aerospace, sub-constructs companies, automotive, shipping and other industries. Most of these companies manufacture products which have many demands high precision component manufacturing. Therefore, due to the difficulty of sophisticated manufactures that’s why they addressed to Kreon Tech because it provides accuracy, high technology and quality.

For many years the company has been created the urge and need for high precision and challenging manufacture components. So Kreon Technology is looking forward for your special demands and needs .


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